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4, Kilkis,
Kizis Court,
Apt. 101,
6015 Larnaca

Free Phone: 8000 77 89
Tel: +357 24 643493
Fax: +357 24 643492

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of IntercityBuses is the Chief Executive and the prime decision-making body of the Organization. It has jurisdiction to decide, to supervise and to exercise control over all matters relating to the organization, the administration, the property management and generally to all activities and the achievement of the targets of the Organisation.
The Board of Directors consists of the following 10 members:
Xenophon Andreotis
Executive Advisor / Executive Board Chairman
Fotios Kaoullas
Executive Advisor / General Director
Dimos Kallenos
Executive Advisor /
Christoforos Kyriakou
Executive Advisor /
Dimitris Kallenos
Executive Advisor /
Tetis Papadopoulos
Executive Advisor /
Axilleas Vontitsianos
Executive Advisor /
Charis Auxenti
Executive Advisor /
Dimitris Panteli
Executive Advisor /
             Raphael Iordanous              Executive Advisor /


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4,  Kilkis, Kizis Court,
Apt.101, 6015, Larnaca
    P.O.Box 40172, 6301 Larnaca
Free Phone: 8000 77 89
Tel: +357 24 643493
  Fax:+357 24 643492


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