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4, Kilkis,
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6015 Larnaca

Free Phone: 8000 77 89
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Few words about us

INTERCITY BUSES was  founded in 2010, for the purpose of executing all Public Transport Bus Routes within the geographic unoccupied area of Cyprus. Soon after it was formed, intercity buses signed a Concession Contract for Inland Bus Services with the contracting authority - the Department of Road Transport.
The new revolutionary system in the field of Public Bus Transportation was launched on the 5th of July 2010. With this new, modern, upgraded and efficient system, intercity hopes and promises to provide the best possible service for all social groups including: people with disabilities, students, soldiers, seniors, local and foreign workers, foreign visitors and everyone that may wish to commute within the non occupied areas of the republic of Cyprus.
Intercity buses operates all intercity bus route services connecting all the unoccupied  cities of Cyprus on a daily schedule and frequent departures  based on  low cost fares policy. A travel offer that combines and provides  reliability, a professional friendly environment, safety and comfort.
Intercity buses currently employs a large number of people, (stationmasters, inspectors, routers, clerks, drivers, telephone operators, marketing /  P.R. officers etc.) The intercity staff is highly and carefully selected to ensure the highest possible results and in turn the establishment the company’s viability and the continuous growth.
The intercity bus fleet consists of 50 buses (large, medium and small) that operate depending on the needs of each bus route. Our aim is that in the next few years the entire bus fleet of Intercity buses will consist entirely of new and modern buses that comply with all required European standards. 
Intercity,  also has a contractual obligation and will soon proceed with the installation of a complete fleet management system, automated ticket issuing systems, electronic information systems for passengers and the creation of smart bus stops.
Some of the other immediate priorities of the organization are:
1.  The increase in the number of people that use the bus and the successful establishment of the bus as the most reliable and safe form of transportation.
2.  Complete dedication to efficient and effective bus route services and to the provision of information to all passengers, with customized care for people with disabilities and mobility problems.
3.  A further expansion with: a) new regular bus extension of existing  routes with more frequent bus services  during the summer months and festive seasons such as Easter -Christmas.
4.  The effective protection of our natural environment and the gradual alleviation of traffic congestion.
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4,  Kilkis, Kizis Court,
Apt.101, 6015, Larnaca
    P.O.Box 40172, 6301 Larnaca
Free Phone: 8000 77 89
Tel: +357 24 643493
  Fax:+357 24 643492


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