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INTERCITY BUSES was founded in 2010, for the purpose of executing all Public Transport Bus Routes within the geographic unoccupied area of Cyprus. Soon after it was formed, intercity buses signed a Concession Contract for Inland Bus Services with the contracting authority - the Department of Road Transport.

Investing in public transport creates benefits for the country and its citizens. The development of a complete transport network creates long-term benefits, contributes to the decongestion of cities, the protection of the environment and the saving of resources. At the same time, through our company, the thousands of tourists who visit Cyprus are facilitated, while the company's pricing policy is shaped in a way that supports young people, students and retirees.
The gradual renewal of the fleet and the continuous training of human resources create positive prospects for our company, for Cyprus and its citizens.
Logos – Colors
Cyprus Intercity Buses are already known as GREEN BUSES. The buses have the color Green which symbolizes the Green / environmental policy of the company. The logo consists of circular inverted arrows which symbolize continuous and regular routes and are the international symbol of recycling and environmental protection.

Smart & Flexible Service

What changes with intercity buses?

Intercity also has a contractual obligation and will soon proceed with the installation of a complete fleet management system, automatic ticketing systems, electronic passenger information systems and the creation of intelligent bus stops.

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Some of the other immediate priorities of the organization are:


Safer transportation

The increase in the number of people using the bus and the successful installation of the bus as the most reliable and safe form of transportation.



Full commitment to efficient and effective bus services and the provision of information to all passengers, with personalized care for people with disabilities and mobility problems.


Route extensions

A further extension with:
a) new regular bus extension of the existing routes with more frequent bus routes during the summer months and festive periods such as Easter-Christmas.


Environmental Action

The effective protection of our natural environment and the gradual alleviation of traffic congestion.

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