Code of Conduct

Passenger Rights

Rights of buses and coaches (E.K. 181/2011)

Drivers are obliged to:

  • To follow the regulations / instructions of the Management, the Supervisors and their work program.

  • To comply with the Cypriot Legislation and to apply the traffic regulations.

  • Stop the bus for disembarkation and boarding of passengers at the designated stops.

  • To wear their official uniform.

  • To behave politely and perform their duties properly.

  • To drive without dangerous maneuvers, not to develop high speeds and not to start or stop abruptly.

  • To come to work relaxed and not to consume alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic drugs during their service.

  • Do not open the doors before the bus stops at the stop and do not start before all passengers have boarded or disembarked or before the bus doors close.

  • Do not smoke inside the bus.

  • Do not use a mobile phone while driving the bus.

  • To provide the existing facilities on the bus and their assistance in the boarding and disembarking of passengers with special needs and people with disabilities or other mobility problems.

  • Always be willing to provide information and serve passengers as best they can.

  • To perform any task assigned to them by the organization and which is related to the work of the organization and their capacity as guides.

The Commissary Auditors are obliged to:

  • Carry out the audit with courtesy.

  • To inform the passengers about the obligation to pay the fare.

  • Post their special identity in a visible place during the audit.

  • To inform the passengers about the exact reason for the imposition of the fine, in case of non-payment of the fare by the passenger.

  • To inform the violators about the value of the provided fine, to collect the fine immediately and to issue a relevant receipt.
IntercityBuses is not responsible for any breaches of the regulations / instructions of the management and staff of IntercityBuses by the passenger public.
Also, our company does not bear any responsibility for violations of the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus by the passenger public.


In case a passenger is identified, in any control by auditors of the company or the Contracting Authority (Road Transport Department) does not have a valid ticket, he will be fined on the spot. The fine must be paid on the spot, to the auditor, who will issue a relevant receipt.

Passengers must:

  • Get a ticket from the bus driver.

  • To have the ticket with them when entering the buses but also during the whole route and to show it to the inspectors in case of control.

  • Those who are entitled to a reduced ticket price, to show the relevant proof of this right in case of control.

  • Those who hold a seven-day, monthly and annual ticket for unlimited travel or a free movement ticket, to have them with them during the whole journey and to show it to the auditors in case of control.

  • To behave politely towards the official bodies of the Organization and / or the Contracting Authority (Department of Road Transport).

  • To indicate in time their intention to board or disembark from the bus and to take care of their personal safety when boarding, staying and disembarking from the bus.

  • Provide people with disabilities, pregnant women, parents with young children, and the elderly with pre-defined positions.

  • The company does not recommend carrying animals or birds inside the bus (except in cases that are placed in cages and placed in the luggage compartment) and does not bear any responsibility during the journey. Guide dogs must carry a muzzle and a health information booklet inside the passenger compartment.

  • Do not carry drugs, weapons, explosives or anything else that is illegal or dangerous to other passengers on the bus.

  • Do not smoke, do not make noise, do not talk on a cellphone with an open ear, do not use an open ear radio and generally do not disturb the other passengers of the bus in any way.

  • Do not contaminate, contaminate or damage any part of the bus or other IntercityBuses-owned facility.

  • Do not cause tension or friction with IntercityBuses staff and comply with all IntercityBuses staff instructions.
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