Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Kyrou Intercity Buses is the Supreme Board of Directors and the pre-eminent Decision Body of the Organization. It is responsible for deciding, supervising and exercising control over any matter concerning the organization, the administration, the operation, the management of the property and in general the whole activity and the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization.
The Board consists of the following 10 members:

Xenophon Andreotis

Executive Advisor / Executive Board Chairman

Fotios Kaoullas

Executive Advisor / General Director

Dimos Kallenos

Executive Advisor

Christoforos Kyriakou

Executive Advisor / Vice President

Dimitris Kallenos

Chief Executive Officer / Secretary

Teti Papadopoulos

Executive Advisor

Achilles Vontitsianos

Executive Advisor

Harris Afxenti

Executive Advisor

Dimitris Pantelis

Executive Advisor

Raphael Jordan

Executive Advisor

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